In Color Type we have the passion to transform every color from a project into a tangible reality, realizing Color Samples for the construction, industry and wood sectors: Color Fandeck, Chips, Color Folders, Display panels, special products of thick and decorative products are just some of our products. Color Type feels the constant commitment to give value to the image of its customers and guarantee an effective competitive advantage, producing their best communication and sales tools with absolute accuracy and loyalty.
Thanks to the ultra decades of experience of its close-knit team, Color Type is always able to offer the best solution at the most competitive price. It proudly prides itself on leading producers among its customers and represents an important reference in the whole of the ever-growing European panorama, looking enthusiastically to the challenges of the global market.


Color Type was founded in 2005 in Oradea by the visionary intuition of an Italian entrepreneur who fully believed in an idea and by the technical professionalism of experienced operators in the field of color samples. Since its first steps Color Type constantly invests in professionalism, technological innovation and in the creation of a close-knit and highly motivated team, real secret and the beating heart of its success.
From a small business grows up to become the first reference for the great players in Romanian market and valuable partner for Italian and European leading colorists. In January 2016, it moved to a completely new factory in Osorhei, the Oradea metropolitan area, an incubator for important technological innovations and able to cope with the most effective production needs, becoming a leading manufacturer in Europe.


In Color Type our mission is the excellence through the help of a team constantly looking for professional and technological innovation, able to help the customer gain an important competitive advantage, thanks to the use of " smart " and increasingly sustainable solutions.

In 3 words:


Since its foundation Color Type focuses on the winning combination of innovation and Italian entrepreneurial tradition. Color Type is a company made up of different families that intertwine successfully to merge into a single one in which are born solutions of the highest consideration towards factors such as previous experience, dexterity, effectiveness and customer satisfaction, which optimize the quality / price ratio for every product.
The company is proud to throw more eyes and heart towards increasing environmental sustainability, such as the recent creation of products with water-based pigments, also adopting policies for recycling, re-use and differentiation of materials, in compliance with the rules established by the ISO 14001 certification, and at the same time supporting charity and non-profit initiatives to the benefit of local citizens.