Each product signed by Color Type maintains the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction at the most competitive cost.
The modern factory in Osorhei represents the incubation basin for each phase of the production cycle, guaranteeing the transformation of each color project into a product, using the most advanced machinery and the best professional skills in the sector, in the shortest possible time.

Project definition and order confirmation

The Color Type Sales department follows the quotation phase of the color project, with careful analysis able to propose smart production improvements that guarantee the best quality at the most competitive price.

Laboratory and Color Reproduction

Upon the project confirmation, the sampling and reproduction phase of the colors begins, following the client color standards. Color Matching is the flagship of Color Type. The colors are reproduced with special coloring pastes, specific for use in stationery, and with avant-garde photometry and technique instruments. The expert operators of Color Type are trained to reproduce an almost infinite range of colors and effects, guaranteeing the absolute color reproduction fidelity and a high level of quality, both in standard colors and in customized ones. When the reproduced color is approved by the customer, the project is put into production. If the client specifically requests it, for the professional application Color Type uses the original product of the customer.

Colors application on paper or multi-material supports

The application of the colors can be done with the "spreading" or "spray" method, generally on paper supports, or alternatively on wood or metal. The coating operation can be mechanical through special systems, or manual by specialized personnel able to apply any type of product, thickness or decorative, with any effect, according to the specific customer instructions the more in synergies with him in the refining and improving the phase.

Cutting, printing and paper processing

Inside the new plant the Color Type professionals make the necessary cuts to the various phases of the process with high precision machinery, realize the off-set printing, and carry out the paper processing while maintaining the manual and visual control in every phase of processing.